Spacevalue Apothecary's Purpose~ 

The purpose of Spacevalue Apothecary is to help remind you of what's most important. YOU. Your health, thoughts, peace, body; are number one. Each product is cleansed, charged & sealed with divine energy. Creating a clean, protected open space for you to start your self care routine. Each product is a reminder to take care of yourself. You deserve to feel good in all aspects of your life! Many products have specific intentions infused into them, such as candles & skincare. Ranging from grief healing, protection, fresh start, love of all kinds, easing the mind, luck..and basically anything more you could ask for. Spacevalue Apothecary is not only here to ensure you do your weekly face mask, scrub your negative feelings away in the shower & soak ever so delicately in a bath. I am here to help expand your mind when it comes to trusting yourself, experiencing your own powers (intuition, self-love, healing, etc) & opening your soul to self healing, while creating beautiful skin at the same time~

So when you apply your face mask next stop and think;

 I can do anything, including loving me!  Start there.

My name is Peyton Osborne. I live in Casper, Wyoming. I started my apothecary journey when I was 14, discovering essential oils & their many beneficial properties. I started by putting rosemary in my hair to help it grow, lavender on my wrists to keep my nerves down & frankincense on my temples whenever I had a headache. Many did not believe me when I said oils have the power to help, just as most regular western medicine does. Once they started to try the many different combinations I came up with, (items for aches, pains, acne, anxiety, headaches, hair serums and even emotions)! to their surprise, the combinations worked as it continues to~ When it came to candles & skincare I had a difficult time trying to find items that had the quality I was looking for. Artificial candles left me with headaches, oil blends weren't made with pure oils.. there is just too many toxic ingredients in basic skincare. I wanted to create a series of products where they made me feel cleansed. Where they truly helped heal me in many ways. My business journey started in 2017 after a year of making products for close friends and family as Honey Lavender Series Apothecary! (Which has recently rebranded to Spacevalue Apothecary) There have been endless experiments, tests & messes..it has taken years to perfect my candles & trademark. I have spent lots of time perfecting the items I send out to my customers! Quality is key! I hope you can feel the love & magick within each and every unique product.

I want to help heal people (emotionally and physically). I have been blessed enough to spread this healing around the world with those who let me and trust me enough to create something that is infused with 100% heart and soul.  I want my products to represent the bit of light that holds you when you need it the most. 

All of my products are made with natural ingredients, are all handmade and include 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils (candles have natural fragrance), biodegradable glitter, crystals and herbs as I believe each of them carry powerful energy that can help benefit each of us in many different ways. I appreciate you so much taking the time to read this, to check out my shop and even purchase from me. You are helping my dream become reality each and every day. I can't thank my supporters enough for that.