Hocus Pocus/ Sanderson Sisters Candles~


(1 candle)~ soy wax~ 12oz~

Sarah~ melts shimmery pink & purple swirl, infused with an organic purple drip~ scented with cinnamon stick & blood orange~ topped off with purple, pink & white biodegradable glitter, a witches hat wax melt, tumbled rose quartz & a cauldron charm~

Winifred~ melts shimmery green infused with an organic orange drip~ scented with hazelnut coffee~ topped off with green & purple biodegradable glitter, a witches broom charm, spider web wax melt, black tourmaline crystal & pine (which needs to be removed before burning)~

Mary~ melts shimmery brown sugar & silver infused with an organic red drip~ scented with blueberry cobbler~ topped off with rose buds/petals, a moon wax melt, a witches broom charm, red jasper & clear quartz crystal chips~